What Customers Should Know About Embroidered Patches

November 21st, 2014

In the embroidery industry, the embroidered patches are constantly a stand-out! Because of their style, functionality, and versatility, these embroidered items have always been a great demand in the market! Embroidered patches are known to be effective tools for identification and recognition. Nowadays, these patches are not just limited to the royal family or military personnel but by people from different walks in life. These patches bear the insignia and name of the office, organization, company or educational institution.

Embroidered patchesWith the growing demand of embroidered patches, so many embroidery shops have popped out in the community. Hundreds and thousands of designs spring up on the web every single day! Consumers are so overwhelmed with these patches that they sometimes let the manufacturer think about all the details and at the end, they become disappointed because the patches are not what they expect them to be. So they end up consuming a lot of time, energy and money in coming up with those perfect patches! True, these manufacturers have better expertise than clients, but if clients know a little bit more about patches, they would be able to get exactly what they want.

Know the purpose of the patches. Are they for a birthday or for a corporate give-away? Are they for school uniforms or for sports caps? Embroidered patches are made for different purposes. Thus, it is quite necessary to know the purpose of the patch. The purpose will affect almost everything from the patch design to the style, from the thread to the patch border, and even the backing style. Once the purpose is known, it is easier and clearer for the manufacturer to determine the other things.

It’s also about the patch design and its specific features. Versatility is one of the best features of embroidered patches. They come in various sizes, shapes, colors and designs. Therefore, to avoid time-consuming discussions with the manufacturer, think of what you want for the size, shape, colors to be used and the image of the design, including the font style and font size. Prepare those specific details of the design. Give the exact measurement of the width and height of your desired patch and what the shape will be whether it is a letter shape, animal shape or just the standard round shape. Bear in mind that the bigger the patch design is, the bigger the cost may be. Get those specific details ready and surely save time!

Choose the right thread for the embroidered patch. Although the manufacturer will give some advice, it’s also imperative that the client should have some idea on what thread options are. The most common are rayon thread and polyester thread. Rayon thread is more expensive compared to polyester thread but craftsmen say that it gives the more realistic luster and shine to the patches. If quality is highly required of the patches and only a few will be made, rayon thread is more recommended. On the other hand, mass production is required and durability is a higher priority, the polyester thread is more practical. It is more bleach resistant and does not break off easily even with frequent laundering.

Lastly, determine the quantity. The quantity definitely affects the cost of the patches. As the quantity increases, the price decreases. Therefore, for practical reasons, it is better to have embroidered patches done in bulk order. It will definitely cut that cost down.

When you finally decide to get those patches design, do not forget to take note of these things. Getting to know more about those patches will help you save money, time and energy but on top of it all, it will help you achieve the embroidered patches that are perfect for your needs.